Detailed Feature List

 Event Information

Add, edit or update all the event details that are visible to an attendee on a single platform
and screen – including an inbuilt detailed floorplan and a map of the event location.

Event Registration

A seamless way for organizers to invite people and track their responses. Hassle-free registration
– tracking as well as printing badges for the attendees. Also enables registering potential
gatecrasher attendees on the spot.


An integrated application that allows admins to scan attendee QR codes, while attendees can
check-in with a QR code.


Admins can create and edit multiple sessions with
details like date, time or speaker in a calendar layout.

Access to a customizable agenda for attendees – create a unique schedule based on sessions to
suit preferences.

Attendees can view and edit their personal profiles and can also take a look at a prospect's profile to make better connections. Admins can simply update all speaker details, while attendees can see all the speakers and their sessions at a glance.

Personalized Scheduling

Profile Management

Attendee Networking

Attendees can network seamlessly by scanning a prospect’s QR code to share contact details. Seamless integration with social media platforms that enables connecting to the event’s handle from within the app.


Admins can quickly give sponsors prominent visibility on the platform. Sponsors are represented virtually as well as physically to attract attendees.

Admins can add exhibitor details while vendors can edit and manage their booths. Attendees
can view exhibitors at an event and make relevant connections.



A provision for attendees to ask questions to the speaker during a session. Admins are allowed to
moderate the questions and answers to ensure relevance.

Live Polls

Attendees can participate in live polls during sessions. Admins can create these polls in real time to enhance the flow of the session/event based on the results.

Attendees can submit feedback for sessions in real time. Admins can run post-event surveys to connect with the attendees to capture insights and analyze event performance.

Survey and Feedback


Reach multiple attendees simultaneously to market and promote the event through the platform.

Real-Time Analytics

Dashboards that can be used to conduct a retrospective analysis with available data to spot attendee patterns.

Support and Training

Limited downtime with dedicated support.